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The Rinascimento collection presents a new scents.

The Rinascimento collection presents a new scents.
Ladenac´s Rinascimento collection pays tribute to one of the three fundamental pillars of the brand: the Italian design. This collection of Renaissance personality stands out for the opulence of the marble with clean and sober lines of the candle vessels representing the architecture of that era. Two new fragrances join this Rinascimento collection. The essence of the same name that gives its name to this collection and whose sum is translated into the selection of unique aromas. Rinascimento: Alma mater of the collection. It has notes of ambergris, geranium, jasmine, patchouli, amber and oud, and compose a symphony of sublime and unique aromas that will take you to another era full with art, passion and culture. This candle created in 100% in natural vegetable wax in an elegant black color thanks to the natural pigments that give a unique beauty. Cuir de Medicis: A wrapping scent with hints of saffron Tuscan, incense, musk and linden wood. Natural vegetable wax created in black color thanks to natural pigments to give a unique beauty. Précieux Bois D'Indie: A fragrance inspired by the precious woods of India. It has notes of white pepper, cedar Himalaya, balsamic and white moss. Like the rest of the candles of the collection, the fragrance is transferred to black with natural pigments wax. The three fragrances of the collection are packaged in one-piece solid marble vessel of 320 grams that it is decorated with a hand-engraved silver lable with an allegory of the Renaissance. The collection is presented in a deluxe hard case with engravings of that period in silver hot stamping finish. More than 60 hours of burning time.
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