Collection inspired in the principles of Japanese design, minimalist, simple and natural. The handmade white ceramic vessels and diffusers are inspired by patterns and designs in the shapes of Origami paper folds.


"Reference to the principles of japanese design, keeping it simple, subtle, tranquil and natural"

The white ceramics of Ladenac Milano make reference to the principles of Japanese design, keeping it simple, subtle, tranquil and natural. The desire to eliminate disorder and introduce a considered and balanced energy in the home. Its artisanal production is characterised by drawings and motifs with touches of contemporary style for a minimalist and conceptual design inspired by the curvy shapes of typical paper “Origami”. The four perfumes presented in this series allow you to create very different sensations, with a touch of modern inspiration. Ceramic containers available in two sizes and decorated with a delicate pattern of paper folds, with the white clay retaining the subtlety of each fold, symbolising purity and perfect harmony between the material and the perfumed candle inside.
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4 Fragrances
Figue Cyprès
Blue Champêtre
Fleur d'Oranger
Monoi Oud

Four perfumes that evoke different feelings with hints of modern inspiration, fresh and spring-like.

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Fragrances from the collection Origami


Figue Cyprès

Aromatique, Boisée
Subtle and sunny freshness of relaxed and green fig tree, with Mediterranean spices surrounded by a warm note of cypress. Woody, powerful and sensual background.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: bergamote, cassis/framboise, cyprès, romarin/thym
Middle note: pin sylvestre, feuille de figuier, accord fleurs blanches, lavande
Top note: santal, davana, encens, fir balsam

Blue Champêtre

Boisée, Fougères
Classic fragrance that blends virility and sophistication. Its intense notes of bergamot and basil give it a fresh character, evolving towards warmer, woody and musky sensations.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: cassis, bergamote, citron, galbanum, basilic
Middle note: lavande, sauge sclarée, accord fleurs blanches, feuilles de violette
Top note: santal/cèdre/patchouly, ambre gris, tabac

Fleur d'Oranger

Blending fusion of white flowers and grapefruit blossom leads to bergamot and jasmine wrapped in intensity and personality of orange blossom.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: pamplemousse, muguet, géranium, galbanum
Middle note: néroli, jasmin, magnolia, accord fruits secs
Top note: musc blanc, ambre, absolu oranger, fève tonka

Monoi Oud

Floral, Oriental
A passionate and totally addictive fragrance. Top notes of bergamot and ylang ylang are enriched with monoi, jasmine, the sensuality of coconut and sandalwood.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: coco, girofle, poivre, safran
Middle note: tiaré, jasmin, ylang, nagarmotha (accord oud)
Top note: bois de gaiac, patchouly, santal, vanille