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The Voiles reed diffuser, the latest from Urban Senses, an olfactory voyage with the shape of a sailboat.

The Voiles reed diffuser, the latest from Urban Senses, an olfactory voyage with the shape of a sailboat.
We are proud to present the new format of Urban Senses collection: the Voiles reed diffusers, a unique and sophisticated design with which we can sail through the most beautiful and extraordinary seas. Sailboat shape design that fits perfectly into our luxury Urban Senses candle collection. A journey through the aromas of the world that reflects the cosmopolitan and elegant spirit of the great metropolises. Fragrances full of magic and color, which will take us to a perfect view of the sunset framed by skyscrapers of the big cities. This new scent reed diffuser format can be found in 6 different scents. In metallic gray or rose gold design, this exclusive piece of decoration carved in natural wood gives the fragrance even more personality. Don't run out of yours: Voiles Boisée Chic Diffuser: From the most elegant fragrances of Dubai and Doha, this sensual and masculine perfume will surprise you with its woody notes of bergamot and cardamom. Voiles Fleur de Fruit Diffuser: An exclusive perfume with which you will travel to Africa and experience the scents of Cape Town and Mombasa. As exotic and as it is fruity with notes of tiare flower, jasmine, mango, and passion fruit. Voiles Granja Diffuser: Inspired by the Orient and by sunsets seen from cities such as Mumbai and Delhi, this reed diffuser contains a spiced scent with notes of blackcurrant, patchouli, gaiac wood, sandalwood, and vetiver. Voiles Rose de Nuit Reed Diffuser: A floral option with notes of geranium, red roses, tuberose, and violet, evoking memories of a trip to Istanbul and Ankara. Voiles Aromatic Lounge Reed Diffuser: The beauty of this fragrance is based on the unparalleled beauty of scents from cities such as New York, London, and Paris. Its wrapping notes of ambergris, iris, spices, and a harmonious blend of white flowers make it perfect for the most cosmopolitan people. Voile Eau de Cypres Diffuser: Fresh and lively, its notes of wild pine, rosemary, sandalwood, cedar, and iris evoke the magic of Damascus and the wilder side of Melbourne.               A piece of decoration and exquisite design in the shape of sailboat in 200ml fragrance, will take you on a journey through seas full of scents and pure elegance. You can find these new formats in our Urban Senses collection.
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