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Minimal collection new designs

Minimal collection new designs
TWO NEW DESIGNS OF THE MINIMAL COLLECTION The Minimal collection grows with the launch of two new designs. Elegance and sobriety come together to fill all your spaces with the luxurious perfumes with wet, floral, woody notes until reaching the freshness of Calabria, with marine notes, seaweed, where the winds and the sea converge. Reed diffuser carefully elaborated in a 250ml rectangular glass bottle with a very innovative format. This design is inspired by antique inkwells with a unique reed diffuser that has great power of absorption and distribution of the perfume. Maintaining the minimalist and sophisticated line that characterizes this collection, the 125ml Room Spray, created in a glass bottle painted in glossy black with the Ladenac logo engraved in silver with the hotstamping technique. Exquisitely presented in a rigid design box that when you open it, you will feel like opening a chest.
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