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The ceramic collection from Ladenac: Flowers, tradition, and Valencia.

The ceramic collection from Ladenac: Flowers, tradition, and Valencia.
We would like to present our Ceramic collection. A collection of luxury candles where tradition and the scent of spring blend to captivate our senses. This luxurious Ladenac collection is inspired by spring and the love for Valencian ceramics. Through four typical Levantine spring flowers, we travel to a city full of culture and pay tribute to one of the most deeply rooted traditions of the Valencian region: ceramics. This luxurious collection is presented with elegance and subtlety, in a design made of off-white white Valencian ceramic with motifs that illustrate the fragrances that inspire this exclusive collection. A luxury collection that will make you dream of the Mediterranean in springtime. These four exclusive, and elegant candles with personality will take to your senses the scents of these four spring flowers. Flor de Narciso. The fragrance of a prestigious and refined flower that exudes a seductive and jovial aroma. Opium Floral Imperial. The perfect aroma for those with the most glamorous tastes. Sweet, sensual, and intense. Rosa de Damasco. The fragrance of fresh roses will take you to a sunrise by the sea. Flor de Lys. This feminine and subtle fragrance is perfect to calm your mind.   This collection of luxury Ceramic candles from Ladenac offers a fantastic opportunity for your senses to discover a city that loves tradition and ceramics.
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