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The famous exhibition 2018 Casa Décor will once again feature the presence of the emblematic aromas of Vila Hermanos and its luxury firm Ladenac, which year after year consolidates its participation in Casa Decor with its exceptional personality and its olfactory experience. The following are some of the collaborations of Ladenac by Vila Hermanos to this 53rd edition of Casa Décor: The Royale Collection was once again the gift of choice for the jury members. Its "cocoon" shape of fine porcelain has the surprise of a perfume that immortalizes the fleetingness of the moment with an unrepeatable sensation: Lotus Sacré, Fleur Blanche and Fleur de Kaolin. MIGUEL MuñoZ has chosen to incorporate Ladenac's Minimal Collection in his Gira space, with the scent Floral Agreste Champetre. This scent takes us to Tuscany with the smell of the countryside, to disconnect for a second from the hustle and bustle of the city, and to connect with nature and appreciate the notes of lavender, willow, zero and woody accords. The ELLEROOM 62 space of the ALVIC GROUP has the square candles and reed diffuser of the Minimal Collection of Ladenac. The perfume, Aeolian Islands has been inspired by the south of the Italian peninsula evoke the Mediterranean Sea air, where it meets the archipelagos, creating woody fragrance with notes of sandalwood, musk, jasmine and patchouli. For the ELLEROOM 61 BALLROOM, the Lui /Lei Collection by Ladenac has been chosen to decorate and scent their space. Candles and Room Spray Diffusers with air pump for LEI (sensual floral fragrance for her with notes of vanilla and amber in white colors) or LUI (for him black colors and oriental fragrance with a touch of tobacco and woods). RAUL MARTINS, for his NATUZZI SPACE, has chosen the perfume Floral Hesperidée from the Minimal Collection of Ladenac. Blown glass candles, reed diffusers and our home design aroma diffuser, were the protagonists to scent and decorate his space. Its scent transports us to a forest and a warm lake. The notes of lemongrass intoxicate the nose to continue with rose, chords of white flowers, peonies, ending the olfactory and sensory journey notes of moss, cedar and Gaiac wood. ESTUDIO ALEGRIA present at Casa Decor with its ESPACIO LUZCO (Dressing Room), relies one more time on the Urban Senses collection of Ladenac. Ignacio Alegria has chosen for the occasion the fragrance Rose Nuit: red roses, jasmine, geranium, tuberose, flowers in all their splendor, elegance and femininity. In the case of VIRGINIA ALBUJA and her ESPACIO MITSUBISHI she has also opted for the Urban Senses collection by Ladenac. However, this time the scent chosen is Boisée Chic to decorate with candles and aromatize with the reed diffuser. A fragrance with a lot of personality and distinction, full of spices such as cardamom and smoky chords to finish with notes of cedar wood and gaiac. ERICO NAVAZO, in his SALON, has selected for his project the Aromatic Lounge scent from the Urban Senses collection: citrus and spicy notes that leads to the subtlety of chords of white flowers, to finish with the seduction and elegance of ambergris and musk. In the lounge of ESTUDIO DISAK, square candles and reed diffusers from our Minimal collection were present, in this time with the scents of Boisée Aromatique: fresh with notes of bergamot and orange to finish the olfactory journey with an exquisite woody rest. MIRIAM ALIA, in her HAGER SPACE (Public Baths). Miriam has chosen to decorate her space with candles from Ladenac's Origami Collection: handmade white ceramic candles of wonderful design. Inspired by the Japanese Origami art disc. VG LIVING, for their LIVING ROOM, has preferred the option of the candles from the ROYALE Collection by Ladenac to decorate a very special space. The scent of TUBEROSE was the protagonist to scent the space. PATRICIA BUSTOS, for her LIVING ROOM-KITCHEN, has selected Ladenac's Urban Collection, with the scent Eau du Cypress (Aroma Diffuser and Candle). The colors of the candle glasses merged with the decoration of her space and the fragrance with notes of eucalyptus and rosemary open the aroma to give way to the freshness and greenery of cypress.
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