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Presenting the Vents d'Arabie collection

Presenting the Vents d'Arabie collection
"On May 8th and 9th, in our flagship store in Madrid, we introduced the new collection of home aromas: Vents D'Arabie. A specially designed event to present the scents of this seductive collection. Through the music and dance of Jonatan de Luis Mazagatos the attendees went on a sensory journey.   Four fragrances inspired by the aromas that travel with the winds of Arabia, which blow from the sea, from the spice markets, from the depths of the desert, from its culture and its people.    Its colorful and refined design packaging reminds us the pyramids, the colors of the spice markets, and the desert.    Rose de Sables, Cheregui, Tamajaq, and Nomade: scents that make us dream and discover faraway places."
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