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Perfumes Corporales

Ladenac Eau de Parfum

Exclusive collection of body perfumes from Ladenac. Sophisticated, sensual, powerful and passionate signature fragrances. Haute couture perfumery that tells stories through unique perfumes.

Perfumes Corporales

Alma mater

Patrick Douenat, alma mater of Ladenac Milano, the Italian-Spanish luxury home fragrance company, launches its new and exclusive collection of body perfumes, “Ladenac Eau de Parfum”. A collection of seven exclusive, atypical and authentic perfumes.
Perfumes Corporales
Signature fragances with haute-couture unique scents that tells us stories through perfumes. Unique creations for him and for her. Ladenac is working with the most exquisite, rare, even scarce raw materials, some of them come from small harvest, of the highest quality in the world.
This research work began 4 years ago and it has been possible thanks to the help of great perfumers such as Ilias Ermenidis and Fabrice Pellegrin or Gonzalo Catalá, among others, and the great collaborator of the firm Emmanuel Philip. All of them have successfully achieved the essence of the moments, of the memories and the stories that have inspired Patrick to create each one of his perfumes.
Perfumes Corporales


Exclusive raw materials
A work of alchemy and exquisite perfumery whose result is a collection of “niche” brand perfumery, scents that are not easy to find, but are impossible to forget and whose memory conquers us. The choice of name of each parfum define the personality and essence. Each one represents a moment, an instant, a memory, an inspiration in Patrick's life that he has then recreated through unique olfactory compositions that give life to each of his perfumes.