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Minimal, candles and fragrances that are very masculine

Minimal, candles and fragrances that are very masculine
Inspired by Italian landscape, the french perfumer Emmanuel Philip, has created Ladenac Milano´s most masculine collection yet. Minimal features natural fragances and leads us on a sensory journey that takes us from the northern to the Mediterranean coast. Exquisite luxury scented candles, made with the finest raw materials: 100% vegetable wax and pure cotton wick, in a square black glass and Bakelite lid. THE COLLECTION Îles Éoliennes candles. Fragances inspired by the Aeolian Islands, south of the Italian peninsula, evoke the Mediterranean Sea air, where it meets the archipielagos, creating a woody fragance for this luxury scented candle. Cologne Agrumes Sicile candle. A floral fragrance, with notes of white flowers, peonies and abelmosck seeds, inspired by the southern Italian peninsula. This wonderful scent carries you from the verdant countryside to more arid landscapes, underpined with at delicate floral touch.
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