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Reed difusser refill Deluxe 500 ml

Urban Senses — 7 Fragrances
Glass bottle of 500ml with rattan rods of high absocion in black color.

500 ml.

Ø 90 mm. Height: 185 mm
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Glass bottle of 500ml with rattan rods of high absocion in black color.

500 ml.

Ø 90 mm. Height: 185 mm

Fragrances from the collection Reed difusser refill Deluxe 500 ml


Caviar Lime

Caviar Lime fragance bring us closer to the wild nature of the Austrialian subtropical rainforest through an explosion of citrus notes that are based on the Finger Lime fruit (typical Australian) with a fresh and marine touch inspired by the foam of the sea waves. An olfactory journey of fresh, citrus and mariane nuances.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: citron, bergamote, finger lime, lavande
Middle note: cèdre, cyprès, badiane, embruns marins
Top note: santal, musc, bois de gaiac, ambrette, cypress


Inspired by trips to the Orient with sunsets in cities such as Mumbai or Delhi. When you remove the Bakelite lid you will reconnect with a sensory world that is as exotic as the cities that it invokes. This is an original, distinctive and rebellious fragrance.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: absinthe, armoise, pamplemousse, cassis
Middle note: chanvre, eucalyptus, sauge, oranger
Top note: patchouly, bois de gaiac, santal, vétyver

Fleurs de Fruit

Inspired by African cities such as Cape Town or Monbasa. It imprints on our nose the mango, passion fruit to evolve the perfume in tiare flower, creating a sweet atmosphere, as if it were a fruit cocktail.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: orange, fruit de la passion, mangue, combava
Middle note: fleur de tiaré, jasmin, rose, ylang
Top note: musc, noix de coco, vanille caramélisée, mousse

Rose de Nuit

Inspired by Istanbul and Ankara. Steppe vegetation, continental climate with snowy winters and hot dry summers. Discover violet, ending with accord of moss, oud and tuberose.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: citrus, fleur d’oranger, girofle, muguet
Middle note: rose rouge, jasmin, géranium, violette
Top note: accord musc-oud, santal, patchouly, tubereuse

Aromatic Lounge

Inspired by the cosmopolitan cities par exellence: New York, London or Paris. Cities that receive the inspiration of the collection with the mirrows of the buildings reflect the reddish sunset of the sky. It welcomes us with citrus, green apple, spices, to transform the fragance with a white flower accord, and culminate the fragance with ambergris.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: citrus, pomme verte, épices, aromates
Middle note: santal, accord fleurs blanches, thym, lavande
Top note: musc, fève tonka, iris, ambre gris

Eau de Cyprès

Damascus and Melbourne are the inspiration for this fragrance. In Melbourne the candles perfectly capture the reflection of the sun on the buildings at sunset. And that sunset image is the point of union between these two cities. This fragrance evokes relaxation, calm, so it is ideal for a moment of relaxation.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: géranium, romarin, galbanum, eucalyptus
Middle note: cyprès, pin sylvestre, fruits des bois, accord fleurs blanches
Top note: ir balsam, santal, cèdre, iris

Boisée Chic

Sensations experienced in cities like Dubai and Doha evokes this scent. A scent full of spices, cardamom and clove opens the fragrance to evolve into moss and gaiac wood.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: bergamote, orange, cardamome, girofle
Middle note: santal, cèdre, vetyver, accord bois fumé
Top note: musc, patchouly, ciste labdanum, bois de gaiac

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