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Dynastie, the collection that explores 3 great dynasties of history

Dynastie, the collection that explores 3 great dynasties of history
In our high perfumery firm Ladenac, Italian style and French "savoir faire" are combined to create exclusive candles and fragrances. We present "Dynastie", a collection of unique scents that invite us to take a sensory journey through the 3 great dynasties of history. A journey full of aromas inspired by royal dynasties that marked our most majestic history. The Dynastie collection is composed of fragrances full of symbolism and elegance that capture the personality of a different era and a timeless lineage. You will find our Dynastie collection in a 350 gram candle format with laser silkscreen printing and a mirror effect cap, or in the form of a 500 ml reed diffuser with a unique and spectacular design thanks to its glass bottle and egg-shaped cap. This new collection is as elegant as the story it inspires. The 3 fragrances that make up this luxurious collection are as follows: "Reine de Saba", the delicacy. This perfume is inspired by one of the most fascinating female characters of the Old Testament. This earth-toned candle evokes the sand of the desert. It is represented by the figure of a scorpion, a creature of legends and myths. In its reed diffuser version with a luxury box in the shape of a chest, the predominant colors are rose gold and copper, as feminine and elegant as King Solomon's wife. Powdery floral notes and the elegance of white flowers leads to the warmth of sandalwood and the softness and sensuality of musk. A dream of "Senteur Royale" petals. Created by the inspiration of the noble European dynasties, this candle in natural wax has its glass in bright red, mozzetta color, named after the distinctive color of the Catholic cardinals. As a symbol, it is given the bee, emblem of the crown and royalty. This fragrance in its reed diffuser design silver with a matching metallic cap, a warm piece of decoration to give style to a special place. Use of notes of dry amber and spices, such as black pepper and nutmeg, and a final touch of honey, make this perfume with a sensual and intoxicating character. A journey through the magic of "Fleurs Du Nil". This third perfume is inspired by the period of maximum splendor of the Pharaonic civilization, a time of wealth and spirituality. The color of the candle glass represents Lapis Lazuli, one of the most prized gems in antiquity with an ultramarine blue tone. The silkscreen print that completes this collection is a scarab, a sacred and decorative icon in Ancient Egypt. The reed diffuser option, in a clear glass bottle with an egg-shaped design cap, shows the fascinating color of the perfume it contains. Fresh floral accords of rhubarb and lemon open this captivating perfume, followed by balsamic notes of light musk, dry black, creating a sophisticated and full-bodied perfume.
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