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Africa, the widest collection from Ladenac, presents its new deluxe vessels

Africa, the widest collection from Ladenac, presents its new deluxe vessels
"We are pleased to introduce to our customers a new format for the Africa collection, it is one of our most emblematic and popular fragrance lines. This collection of luxury candles, inspired by the wildest and most animalistic side of the African continent, presents its new line in a large size. More specifically, this premium size weighs 8500 grams and burning time of more than 500 hours. Thanks to the new deluxe Africa candles, your voyage through the exotic African fragrances will never seems to end. In this luxury collection by Ladenac, the most fascinating creatures of these lands become magical fragrances. The tantalizing snake, the graceful zebra, and the wild leopard will take you to an exotic land full of mystery. These deluxe candles, made of silver and 18K gold, have been laser-painted, using a technique that allows to create animal designs through the warm glow of the flame: Temptation. The golden snake in gold offers a scent with notes of grapefruit, green leaves, gardenia, and musk. Camouflage. Zebra in silver features a scent peppered with spicy notes, patchouli, cedar, and marigold. Predator. Leopard in red, surprises us with its notes of cardamom, violet, iris, ebony, and myrrh. Now is your chance to fill every corner of your home with the mystery and sophistication with the most seductive scents of Africa. Get your Africa candles in deluxe format here!"
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