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A NEW JEWEL in the Bois de Russie COLLECTION

A NEW JEWEL in the  Bois de Russie COLLECTION
When you pass by Ladenac-Milano boutique you can feel an unusual sensation of freshness, a new scent. We have just made a new collaboration between our candle luxury firm and the premium limoncello par excellence. An exclusive Limited Edition that has all the taste and aroma of Sorrento, through a case especially designed for the occassion. Iconic bottle of Villa Massa is presented with a scented candle made especially for Ladenac Milano, which embodies perfectly the smell and freshness of Le Grottelle, the limonar of which proceeds the limoncello. Both Villa Massa and Ladenac Milano go back through years of history, bringing us closer to the heart of Italy. A luxury that intoxicates the senses through an explosion of taste, smell and touch as if we could feel closer than ever to the essence of the Italian golden age. Elegance, fashion and distinction..., the passion for the pleasures of life. Villa Massa, limoncello from the Italian CampaniaF144 region and a true Mediterranean masterpiece, created according to family recipe from 1890 and handed down from one generation for over a century, when it has become a worldwide icon. A 100% authentic and original limoncello made with the peels of Sorrento PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) lemons, in an artisanal way. Villa Massa has been awarded with the prestigious prices such as the gold medal at the Liqueur Masters 2019, an international competition held in the UK, run by The Spirits Business magazine, in an attempt to find and reward the best Craft Spirits brands. Ladenac Milano dates back to 1884, to a family-own chandlery in Lombardy and another candlery on the shores of the Spanish Levant. The point of connection between the two companies is Patrick Douenat, one of the most recognized international experts in the fragrance sector, advisor to dozens of French and American firms. And he is also responsible for putting natural scented waxes on the luxury map from the family business in the aforementioned Italian region. A unique collaboration with all the aroma and flavor of Italy.
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