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  • Royale Collection
    The savoir faire of master craftsmen

  • Urban Senses Collection
    Cosmopolitan, majestic, iridescent

  • Africa Collection,
    Mystery, seduction and symbolism

Exclusive candles and fragrances

LADENAC MILANO is luxury, in a word. That luxury with character. Sober, discreet, elegant, sophisticated, a smell that is truly enjoyed, that makes you feel good with small details and without overloading the senses.

It is born from the need to narrate a voyage through a sensory journey where the aromas, fragrances and characteristic materials of the Italian lands are exalted.

It is the story of a man who boldly leaves his lands to pursue a dream, a lifestyle.


Minimal Collection

A man who, abandoning his life, embarks on a long journey through the Italian regions and with a new look rediscovers his lands, his people and his soul. The seven perfumes of Minimal, accompany this man on a sensory journey that traverses Italy.

  • Boisée Mousse -Lago Di Como.
  • Boisée Aromatique- Lago Di Garda.
  • Florale Hespéridée- Lago Trasimeno.
  • Cologne agrumes Sicile- Lago Di Scanno.
  • Florale Agreste Champêtre- Lago Di Bolsena.
  • Marine Fraiche Boisée- Lago Di Lesina e Varano.
  • Îles Éoliennes- Islas Eolias.

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Royale Collection

The Royale collection pays tribute to the masters and artisans who make luxury possible, patiently working with skilled hands, able to retain forever in a noble material, an instant or a sensation, a way of making and perceiving that reconciles experience and art. As such, it is due to artisanal involvement that each of the glasses is unique and numbered, so that each glass corresponds to a unique lid. Scented candles that invite sight, touch and smell.

  • Fleur Blanche.

  • Fleur de Kaolin.

  • Lotus Sacré

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Africa Collection

A fascinating collection, full of mystery, seductive aromas and inspiring designs. The glasses are painted by laser, and when lighting the candle, it allows you to glimpse the animals that inspire each of the fragrances and candles. A limited edition full of symbolism that transports us to a fully alive Africa, with three fragrances of intense notes and bold aromas presented in perfumed candles, that project animal designs decorated by laser on the glass, with bright and warm lights and 18 carat silver and gold.

  • Temptation.
  • Camouflage.
  • Predator.

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Urban Senses Collection

A tribute to sunsets contemplated from a distance, when metallic reflections appear in the city skyscrapers. Sunsets trapped on the burnished surface of urban skyscrapers, they become URBAN SENSES in cosmopolitan fragrances, in majestic forms, transformed into iridescent grays and rose gold. Fragrances of a traveling soul with urban flashes. Diffusers and scented candles that contain the beating heart of big cities, and we walk through these emblematic cities from East to West.


  • Ganja.
  • Fleurs de fruit.
  • Rose de nuit.
  • Aromatic Lounge.
  • Eau de cypress.
  • Boisée chic.

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Lui&Lei Collection

The collection was born in Milan, with exclusive and glamorous fragrances. The colors, black for him and white for her, represent a seductive collection, with personality, elegance, glamor and minimalism. A diplomatic line for LUI, a businessman, distinguished, confident, conscious of his image. Pearls and white silk for LEI, a professional, elegant, discreet woman. Four perfumes that portray 'Business Code': diffusers and scented candles that create sophisticated environments with delicate and seductive notes.


  • Jet-lag, LUI.
  • Detail, LEI.

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Origami Collection

The white ceramics of Ladenac Milano make reference to the principles of Japanese design, keeping it simple, subtle, tranquil and natural. The desire to eliminate disorder and introduce a considered and balanced energy in the home. Its artisanal production is characterised by drawings and motifs with touches of contemporary style for a minimalist and conceptual design inspired by the curvy shapes of typical paper “Origami”. 


  • Monoi Oud
  • Fleur d'Oranger
  • Figue Cypress
  • Blue Champêtre
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