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Olfactory scent Minimal

Minimal — 7 Fragrances
Olfactory Scent Minimal contains scented discs form Minimal collection. Each disc is printed with the description of each perfume and the design of the collection. Duration: 1 month.
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Olfactory Scent Minimal contains scented discs form Minimal collection. Each disc is printed with the description of each perfume and the design of the collection. Duration: 1 month.

Boisée Mousse

This is the corporate fragance of Ladenac Milano. The inspiration has come form the lake of di Como, that extents between an alpine basin of high green mounains. Given its Mediterranean climate we can olfactorily enter among its subtropical plants, lemon, cypress and olive trees.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: yuzu, pamplemousse, bergamote, coniferous
Middle note: patchouly, labdanum, spices, white flores accord
Top note: cigarettes, mousse, musk, ambre

Boisée Aromatique

Our fragance will quickly transport all your senses to Riva, a precious town in Lake Garda, the larguest and most famous lake in northern Italy. Typically shaped like a river valley, creating a microclimate that brings to its beautiful landscape and Mediterranean flora of lemon trees, olive trees, cypresses and oleanders, an explosion of fresh and woody aromas.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: orange, bergamote, mélisse, armoise
Middle note: géranium, épices, pin, violette
Top note: patchouly, santal, cèdre, mousse

Florale Hespéridée

Our fragrance finds its inspiration in Lake Trasimeno located in the green heart of the Umbria region, (the fourth largest lake in Italy). Along vinyeards and sunflowers fields the vegetation includes amidst reed beds and water lilies, olive groves, pines, willows, oak and cypress woods all captured in our scent candles, and diffusers to make you travel through this land of enchantment.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: mélisse, verveine, lemongrass, camomille
Middle note: rose centifolia, rose damascena, accord fleurs blanches, épices
Top note: musc, cèdre, santal, bois de gaiac

Cologne Agrumes Sicile

Our fragrance finds its inspiration in the southern shore of Lake Scanno, in the charming and picturesque village of Scanno, a mountain lake in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. It is one of Italy's most famous and photographed villages with medieval history, surrounded by crystal clear waters and breathtaking mountains.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note:
Middle note:
Top note: mousse, graines d'ambrette, ecorce d'orange

Florale Agreste Champêtre

Our perfume finds its inspiration in the largest volcanic lake in Italy, with an extraordinarily crystalline waters, in a lake surrounded by the Vulsini mountain range. Landscape characterized by olive groves, vineyards, cereals and fodder that dominate the landscape.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: lavande, sauge, cèdre feuilles, ortie
Middle note: foin, accord bois, jasmin, rose
Top note: fêve tonka, cèdre, musc, ambre

Marine Fraiche Boisée

Inspired by breathtaking sunsets over Varano lake and the wonderful natural landscapes of the evocative salted lake of Lesina. Marine Fraiche candles and diffusers will transport you to this fascinating region in Italy. The fragance introduces seaweed, evoking a fresh and clean sea breeze coming from the Adriatic Sea, blended with woody notes found among the forests of these green lakes.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: citron, bergamote, ozone, galbanum
Middle note: accord marin, herbes aromatiques, géranium, accord fleurs blanches
Top note: cèdre, pin aiguilles, mousse, musc blanc

Îles Éoliennes

Rising out of the cobalt-bue seas off Sicily´s northeastern coast are the seven-island Aeolian archipielago. In that place we found the name and inspiration for our frangance, Îles Éolinnes, from our Minimal Collection, that evokes the fresh and marine notes coming from the Mediterranean Sea blending with woody and fruity notes of this volcanic and green island , covered by rosemary, holm oaks, omiellos, fig and almond trees.
Olfactory pyramid
Base note: carottes, clou de girofle, noix muscade, baies roses
Middle note: santal, jasmin, muguet, cyclamin
Top note: pachouli, mousse, vetiver, cyste labdanum

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