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Ladenac, essence of you


We are

Ladenac Milano is luxury, that luxury with character. Sober, discreet, elegant, sophisticated, a smell that is truly enjoyed, that makes you feel good with small details and without overloading the senses.

It is born from the need to narrate a voyage through a sensorial journey where the aromas, fragrances and characteristic materials of the Italian lands are exalted. It is the story of a man who boldly leaves his lands to pursue a dream, a lifestyle. The journey through these landscapes leads to the collection of vital experiences, of knowledge of places, of lifelong friendships. The character of the firm combines tradition and avant-garde, melting into the flame of a candle, with the nuances of a fragrance, Spanish craftsmanship, French savoir faire and Italian style.

Fragrances and aromatic candles that are produced carefully, established since 1884, on the shores of the Mediterranean. Proprietary formulations that are born from the merging of a centuries-old family tradition and the avant-garde 'noses' of international prestige. Our 'essence' is the experience that nourishes the character of our perfumes and the elegance of the natural materials with which our aromas are enriched. The clean, round and present lines that outline our forms, and the mastery of our artisans, who since 1884, on the shores of the Mediterranean, in lands of orange and orange blossom, marry tradition with the avant-guarde.
Our products are written with the language of the subtle details that make up memories, of the silent presences that create intimacy, of the elegant simplicity that consolidates the style.

Signs of identity

The 'essence' of Ladenac Milano dictates the elegance of the materials with which they enrich their aromas, the style of the rotund and present lines that outline their forms, the quality of the natural ingredients which they use to instil their notes with sensations and experiences, which characterises each new collection.


Candles made with 100% natural wax and wicks of pure cotton, with a slow and clean burn, radiate bright, warm and enveloping lights. Haitian Vetiver, Turkish rose, Agar ... essential oils and extracts, prized for their rarity and exquisiteness, give body to the perfumes and ambient scents of Ladenac Milano. Permanent and stable fragrances, formulated specifically with the appropriate concentrations for each format.


Fine porcelain, gold, silver, hand blown glass... selected noble materials, wrapping and containing signature fragrances. Luxury presentations, with cases and boxes that, with their different textures, play with the lights of clear and precise reliefs heat-stamped on a soft Matt finish. Aromas that speak of you, for modern people, who understand luxury as the opportunity to enjoy constructing their intimacy with subtle details, that express and reflect their own identity

Patrick Douenat, Alma Mater

Patrick Douenat, connected for more than 30 years to the world of luxury and perfumery, sees in LADENAC MILANO a perfumery of quality and design, functional and elegant, a sensorial expression of a style. It is in Milan, the epicenter of Italian luxury, where Patrick coordinates the aesthetics of the brand’s style. For decades, traveling for miles in search of new materials, essences and textures, Patrick accumulates experiences and sensations that today LADENAC MILANO transcribe into their collections.