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Urban Senses

A tribute to sunsets contemplated from a distance, when metallic reflections appear in the city skyscrapers. Sunsets trapped on the burnished surface of urban skyscrapers, they become URBAN SENSES in cosmopolitan fragrances, in majestic forms, transformed into iridescent grays and rose gold. Fragrances of a traveling soul with urban flashes. Diffusers and scented candles that contain the beating heart of big cities, and we walk through these emblematic cities from East to West.

  • Ganja
  • Fleurs de fruit
  • Rose de nuit
  • Aromatic lounge
  • Eau de cypress
  • Boisée chic
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Urban Senses
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Collection of aromatic candles and diffusers with fragrances inspired by cities from various corners of the world. From East to West, with elegant aromas based on big cities like New York, to exotic essences of bustling cities like Delhi.